There's been several different bands named Synopsis in the prog world; in a way, there's been more than one Synopsis in the Estonian prog world too. There's been several manifestations of Synopsis in Estonia, but there's been a central element in each of them -- keyboard great Igor Garšnek. Though Garšnek is best know for his work in Ruja in the mid 1980s, his role in developing Estonia's progressive rock scene has been pivotal since the late 1970s with the onset of the first Synopsis.Igor Garshnek

The first Synopsis was put together in 1977, surviving for about a year. Among the musicians in this first rendition was the great church organist Andrus Uibo, who just came off the live line-up of Noor Eesti. But it wasn't until October 1978 when the first true Synopsis came to be. Though Uibo had since departed, the new band created a working partnership that Synopsis is best known for -- Garšnek and gifted guitarist Nevil Blumberg. This line-up worked together for several years, and in 1980 a truly strong line-up was formed with Andres Kerstenbeck on Drums (ex-Teravik) and fretless bass wonder Raul Vaigla.Nevil Blumberg

This line-up was quite powerful, and recorded several songs -- which remains unreleased. Some of the songs were truly excellent, and hopefully they'll see the light of day at some point. The working partnership pulled apart in 1981 for three years as they pursued different projects. But in 1984 the partnership reformed and the duo recorded material for their self-titled project. Bassist Raul Vaigla also played on several songs, as well as Valdeko Puulinn on recorder.

SynopsisSome of the tracks on the LP was truly fabulous, such as the Tull-influenced "Minstrel" that features the recorder of Valdeko Puulinn so nicely. The music shifts from the atmospheric "Grotto" to the In Spe-influenced "The Snake King" and others. One drawback was the use of programming instead of live drums, which did take a little away from the total sound. But they keyboard wizardry and lightning-fast guitar riffs more than make up for it.

The LP was released in 1986, but Synopsis was history. Blumberg went to play in prog-jazz band Radar, and Garšnek joined Ruja in 1985. Though the two reunited briefly in a late formation of Ruja, there has not been a real Synopsis reunion since.

Czech/Russian record company Boheme Records released the Synopsis LP on CD in 2001, bringing to the world the interesting music crafted by this fine partnership. Perhaps this will give the two some interest in putting the partnership back together, as there remains much potential for future magic.

Synopsis 1986 LP
Synopsis 2000 CD

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